Mr. Ashutosh Pandey

CEO of Mahindra First Choice Wheels

It was my great privilege to attend the ‘Leader by Design – the Unconference’ a few weeks back. What struck me when I first heard of this was the unconventional approach to a business program – it was an ‘Unconference’ rather than a predictable workshop, conference or event. The program did live up to its promise too. The simple, informal format of the show, timings with a break in between, and the easy manner in which serious topics were deliberated made each session a delight to watch and participate in. The moderators Inderjeet and Sudhindra were polite and penetrating, focused and firm. At no time did one realize how effortlessly the conversation weaved its way, peeling through layers of the topic at hand to draw out root causes and substantive points. It was such an enriching experience.
I wish there were more programs that could be as engaging and enjoyable besides being a learning experience. Small nuances – the hot-on-the-oven feedback, open ended starter questions and unexpected closing questions added to the charm of the show.
That the Seagull team worked tirelessly to make this program a success would be an understatement. The hard work showed in every single detail in the run up to the program as well as during the show. I look forward to many more such programs from such an entrepreneurial team in future, and certainly many more surprises …

Ankur Sehgal

Perx Technologies
Regional Director

Inderjeet is an outstanding partner, a flexible and progressive thinker who comes up with brilliant solutions that match the needs of the business, and a consummate talent for building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships, on the professional and personal front. Her commitment and dedication made working with her an extraordinary experience. She joined us as an Advisor and helped us open a lot of doors. A true professional, passionate about what she does, and is absolutely solutions focused. She understands customer pain points and listens to the needs of the organisation. I wish you all the best for your coaching gig now 🙂

Rohan Kant

The TJX Companies, Inc.
Sourcing Manager

Inderjeet’s passion and energy are unmatched. She is excellent in her people skills She is a great listener and always asked questions that helped me to think deeply and find my solutions. I strongly recommend Inderjeet as a coach to leaders who are looking for intervention to define their career vision. All the best

Sudhindra V

Design Leader
Bangalore/ Australia

Inderjeet is one of the most accomplished individuals I have come across. She is articulate, passionate, always looking to learn, and most importantly, puts in all that is needed to ensure she reaches her goal and helps her clients reach their objectives. I have been coached by her on many occasions and I have found her wisdom helping me navigate the complex issues I was facing at the time. I turn to her whenever I am in the midst of an ambiguous situation and have always found interaction with her has helped me understand the situation and grow through it rather than just go through with it. Her calm demeanour, assuring presence and unassuming approach combined with a deep intuitive sense and knowledge is all that a leadership coach needs to help their clients. In addition, her keen sense of the business which is honed by being in the world of business for as long as she is helps people discover their true inner potential and reach higher goals. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a leadership coach without a second thought.

Mansi Kothari

Women entrepreneur
Pune, India

Inderjeet is very approachable and comes across as a coach with immense practical experience. She possesses the required subject matter expertise in areas she coaches. During one on one coaching and mentoring her advice is relatable and pragmatic. One thing which is highly commendable is the way she understands your thoughts and articulates the exact challenges/that one is trying to communicate and made me think of various options. I really enjoyed the various hands-on activities that we did including swot analysis and creating the business plan. I wish her all the best for all her upcoming endeavours.

Deep Ahuja Sharma

Leadership Coach
Global Facilitator

Where do I begin? Inderjeet stands for In-depth understanding and ‘jeet’ means victory! Whatever she commits to do, she likes to go deep and come out as a winner. I have seen her grow and evolve as a Transformational Leadership Coach. It has been a pleasure to have her in our coach community. Her role in bringing Coaching Mantras anthology to life has been instrumental. Our clients enjoy her presence. We recently co delivered one of the IIMs (TPC Leadership’s client) individual and group coaching assignment. Her coaching skills overexceeded her coachees’ expectations and transformed them into effective professionals. We wish her all the best for her future endevours. May she keep rising and shining!

Anooja Sodhi

Chief Manager
Customer Centricity
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Emotional Intelligence and NLP I attended the Emotional Intelligence workshop organised by Seagull- Catalysts in Transformation. It was my first experience in understanding the concept of NLP and EI. The workshop has helped me understand how to comprehend emotions and how to deal with them. The content of the workshop was concise and simple enough to be understood by a layman like me. I look forward to attending many such workshops.

Alokik Gaur

Human Resources
Classic Legends Private Limited

‘Leader by Design – The Unconference’ was absolutely superb and our team genuinely enjoyed all the sessions. The content was relevant, informative and extremely useful. My personal favorite sessions were: ‘Leadership in Digital Age’, ‘Navigating your career in the digital age’ and ‘Investor intelligence – behind the scenes’.

I want to thank you and your team that was involved in making the sessions so productive. It was a great job done and I look forward for attending more training sessions with you.

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